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Summer 2017 Pulse of Concord

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Your Thoughts
DISCLAIMER: To the extent The Pulse of Concord reflects, suggests or implies a viewpoint, it is not intended or represented to be the viewpoint of the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or City staff or officials (Living, Dead or Undecided). Nor was this survey or the results created, distributed, tabulated, evaluated or analyzed by the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or its staff or officials. Finally any placement of shoe leather in one’s mouth is most likely the fault of Edi Ersalesi Birsan – or whatever other variation on that theme may be in vogue, acting as an individual(ist).
1. Building new market rate apartment complexes in Concord will halt the rise in the Non-Market Rate Housing market in Concord?
2. Have you attended or watched a Concord city council meeting in the last 12 months?
3. Could you name your representative on the County Board of Supervisors?
4. I go to concerts in Todos Santos Plaza
5. Concord City Council members should be elected from districts within the City they would represent.
6. The City of Concord is headed in the right direction.
7. In the last two city elections (2016 and 2014) do you remember what the issues were that made your decision on who to vote for?
8. I am aware of what the County government does that affects me?
9. Diversity in local elected office holders is more important than agreement with me on most of my issues?
10. People today are not involved in or care about local government.
11. My age group:
12. Looking ahead five years, I expect my personal situation to be better.
13. Looking ahead five years, I expect my city's situation to be better.
14. Looking ahead five years, I expect my local school's situation to be better.