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Spring 2017 Pulse of Concord

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Your Thoughts
DISCLAIMER: To the extent The Pulse of Concord reflects, suggests or implies a viewpoint, it is not intended or represented to be the viewpoint of the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or City staff or officials (Living, Dead or Undecided). Nor was this survey or the results created, distributed, tabulated, evaluated or analyzed by the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or its staff or officials. Finally any placement of shoe leather in one’s mouth is most likely the fault of Edi Ersalesi Birsan – or whatever other variation on that theme may be in vogue, acting as an individual(ist).
1. I believe that I can make a difference in the course of what my City does.
2. I expect that the road conditions within my city will be better next year.
3. The schools in Concord are getting better.
4. Have you used the following services in the last year?
5. Where do you get information on how the schools are doing?
6. Did you read the recent rating of the schools?
7. Should the city divert money to the support of schools in Concord? If so, how much?
8. Noise is a problem in my neighborhood.
9. Do you believe that public comment at City Council affects the decision of the Council?
10. Should taxes be increased on pensions over $119,000/year?