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Spring 2018 Pulse of Concord

Your Thoughts

DISCLAIMER: To the extent The Pulse of Concord reflects, suggests or implies a viewpoint, it is not intended or represented to be the viewpoint of the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or City staff or officials (Living, Dead or Undecided). Nor was this survey or the results created, distributed, tabulated, evaluated or analyzed by the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or its staff or officials. Finally any placement of shoe leather in one’s mouth is most likely the fault of Edi Ersalesi Birsan – or whatever other variation on that theme may be in vogue, acting as an individual(ist).
1. Have you shopped at the Veranda Shopping Center?
2. Do you know what District you are in under the new Districts and if and which Council member is the incumbent for your area?
3. The information on Districts was sent out by mail to residents, email, Facebook, NextDoor, multiple newspaper articles in different papers, city website, political party list servers, neighborhood organizations, multiple meetings in the City Council and around the city.  How did you hear about it:
4. Concord has a good variety of restaurants.
5. How would you rate Concord Roads? (Five Stars is best)
Space Cell Main RoadsResidential RoadRoad outside of your residence
6. There should be a directly elected mayor from the entire city.
7. If the city had $250,000 a year, for the next five years, additional to direct towards an area which one would you chose:
8. If the city had to take away $250,000 from one area for the next five years, which area would you choose?
9. I feel informed about what is going on in the Base Redevelopment and follow the articles and information provided.
10. People should be able to park their Boat and trailer, or RV  on their Driveway as long as they are registered and not in a blighted condition.
11. Complaint driven regulations are unfair and should be banned.