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Winter 2016 Pulse of Concord

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Your Thoughts
DISCLAIMER: To the extent The Pulse of Concord reflects, suggests or implies a viewpoint, it is not intended or represented to be the viewpoint of the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or City staff or officials (Living, Dead or Undecided). Nor was this survey or the results created, distributed, tabulated, evaluated or analyzed by the Concord City Council, the City of Concord, or its staff or officials. Finally any placement of shoe leather in one’s mouth is most likely the fault of Edi Ersalesi Birsan – or whatever other variation on that theme may be in vogue, acting as an individual(ist).
1. A Marijuana Dispensary north of Highway 4 (along Bates Ave. or north of the Golf Course) is acceptable.
2. Delivery of Marijuana into Concord, for Concord residents is acceptable.
3. Having a Green House Marijuana Grow (Commercial indoor) is acceptable in Concord.
4. My neighborhood (regardless if you live in Concord or not) has gotten better in the last year as compared with the previous year.
5. Do you think that Concord is a Sanctuary City?
6. Is City Code Enforcement adequate in your neighborhood?
7.  I expect things to get better in the Country in 2017.
8.  I expect things in the City to get better in 2017.
9. My family economic situation will get better in 2017.
10. If the City had an extra $200,000 to spend on an area for the next 5 years which of the following TWO would you want it to be spent on: